Construction, Extended For One Year The Regional Housing Plan

Higher volumes and a year’s extension to support the building of Puglia and the companies that, in this way, can be found in renovation favorable terrain to exit the terrible crisis that this industry has had to endure in recent years.

Changes to the rules for supporting the construction sector hit by the ongoing economic crisis were approved by the Regional Council (38 yes, abstention by Sel and the favorable vote of John Alfarano). In particular it is the possibility to expand, renovate existing buildings until December 31, 2015. An extension to the 14 of the 2009 law.

In addition, the bill contains amendments proposed by Salvatore Negro, Giovanni Epifani, Erio Leave and Giuseppe Longo approved by a majority (voting against the Sel and Alfredo Cervellera), with which the total volume is expanded to the allowed actions ( from 200 to 300 cubic meters).

With the approved changes will be volumetric gains for extraordinary interventions of extension up to a maximum of 400mc. The commissioner Angela Barbanente stressed in Parliament that the severe crisis in the industry will have significant opportunities except through the redevelopment of existing buildings with conservation work, the implementation of safety and modernization in particular in relation to the eco-sustainability.

“We need simple and concrete operations – said Luigi Mazzei Forza Italy, to try to leave and we are confident that with the extension of the housing plan we can go in that direction, aware of the strategic importance that the construction sector plays in the policies of economic recovery. Worryingly, however, the feeling of isolation that once again demonstrates Sel and that is explicated nell’inutile controversy Losappio towards the Negro Councillor UDC on some improvements proposed amendments to facilitate the building recovery Puglia. Strange, because Losappio and Negro will be coalition partners and their differences do understand well in that political climate insane it would live Puglia if, unfortunately, does win Emiliano “.

ANCI Puglia also welcomes the decision of deferral to 31 December 2015 of the housing plan launched yesterday in the Regional Council.

“The ANCI has had a proactive role in the ameliorative change the 14/09 law, aiming at sustainability without disruptions to the planning instruments and the Apulian territory. – Said the president ANCI Puglia Sen. Luigi Perrone – I consider very important to extend for another year the facilities provided by the House Floor on our territory, for the redevelopment of existing urban heritage but also to give an impetus to revitalize the sector that is experiencing a worrying state of crisis. “

Unanimous Approval Of The Regional Council The Extension Of The House Plan

Another year extension for the so-called House plan (31 December 2016), to implement and complete the actions required by law 14 of 2009. This was decided unanimously by the Regional Council.

The President of the V Commission Filippo Caracciolo explained in the Regional Council meeting today that in addition to the extension that “has found great appreciation among the construction companies and property owners” with the bill introduced in the Commission by Councillor Erio leave, you It has decided to make some changes to the same law “in view of the fact that during application, some interpretative doubts have been found that have given rise to questions on the part of municipal administrations and free professionals.”

“In past years, the House plan was revealed on the one hand concrete support to the construction industry, it has always been important part of the economy of Puglia but currently undergoing suffering, on the other hand could offer an opportunity for property owners to implement small expansion, and modernization of its housing stock, without affecting environment and landscape and without land use “- explained Caracciolo.

Adopted during today’s meeting also two amendments tabled by Councillor Fabiano Amati. The first (which saw the opposition of the Government, passed with 23 votes in favor and 16 against) concerns a specification on the side of “residential”. “Since the overall spirit of the law – said Amati – lies primarily in promoting residential, you specify this propensity in the presence of a possibility of increase in volume but about permitted uses of urban planning tools can be found to recognize the most varied destinations (factories , services etc ..) except the residency: that is the main purpose of enlargement possible. ”

The other amendment Amati approved unanimously, points out that in proceedings governed by the Regional Spatial Plan (PtTR) and proceedings related to urban planning and environmental nature, the opinion of the Superintendent means mandatory and non-binding. With this additional article did it change the regional law 20 of 2009.

“What today – say in a statement the directors with the addition Lease – the Regional Council approved unanimously on a proposal of our Group, it is not just a one-year extension (31 December 2016) the so-called housing plan but a contribute to its improvement, in terms of red tape, thanks to the work done in committee, and thanks to the councilor for urban planning contributions. A result that we strongly sought and proposed for time because you do not riproponesse what happened in recent years: an endorsement behind the deadline and in trouble. ”

“By making our own – underline the complaints of the construction sector in strong wheezing and struggling with an economic crisis that weighs a lot about the good ‘home’ this summer we presented a bill because ‘extension will not arrive in the area Cesarini, now hope is that regional and municipal offices transpose as soon as the spirit of the law passed because its implementation is really a support for the sector. The only sore point is not to have accepted the amendment that would recognize even in those municipalities, which at the time were unable to perimeter and to be within the legal benefits, do so now by opening the terms. ”

“We set out – has finally commented Filippo Caracciolo – by the intention to allow a sector such as construction that suffers more than others the economic crisis to be able to record tangible signs of recovery and increase employment. The actions planned with the housing plan on the one hand give the owners a chance to make small extensions and improvements to its housing stock tend always to safeguard aspects of paramount importance as the focus for Environment and Landscape “.

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